Get to Know Me

Well, I could give you a quick run-down or me in a nutshell version: I’m a Scorpio, fur-mom, late-thirties (although I still get asked for ID at the LCBO & here in the US at liquor stores – GO ME!!), recruiter, entrepreneur, married, live a low FODMAP lifestyle (really sticking to it this time!), love to swear, childless (by choice), love donuts (my weakness), camper (we have some stories on our trailer – Bert, yes we named him.) and now blogger.  I am sure I am missing some adjectives…LOL!

I am not sure how much I am willing to share right now.  I am sure that my about page will change often as I become comfortable in blogging.  I’ve wanted to do a blog for such a long time but didn’t think that I was ready to or able to write, blog, or even it make it public.

I am living a good life.  I deserve to live a good life.  I have gone through some traumatic events during my life that have shaped me to who I am today but all for the good and I have found the good in my life too.

Now a lot has occurred in my life but all for another time and story.  None of that truly pertains to the present time but for a moment let’s go into the past for a brief moment…

I went through a life-altering event about 2.5 yrs ago that flipped my world upside down.  I remembered as it was yesterday.  Matt was my rock.  He is so even-keeled.  He let me be the roller coaster of emotion that I needed to be to process it but I have a fantastic man in my life.  I am truly blessed.

I am good now…healthy, feel great, and nothing that I use as a crutch or anything else but even so such an event like that really makes you stop and take a look at your life.  Who is in it, what you’re doing, your career…everything.  It was then that I knew that changes needed to be made in order to live a happy, fulfilling life for me.

Now its March 2016, Matt and I are in Mexico (which by the way I will blog about past trips too…we love all-inclusive trips!) and we are on the beach talking about work.  I just kind-of blurted it out that I wasn’t happy with what we were doing and just sat there waiting for a response.  I was afraid of what Matt would say because of the business that we were in and he response was that he felt the same way.  So, we discussed selling our franchise when we returned and just figuring it out from there.  I felt like 500lbs was lifted off of my shoulders.  We ended up putting the franchise up for sale in April and it sold in September. We were lucky with how quickly we were able to sell it.  Sept. 30th was our last day of work.

Since then we have gone camping for a week in the freaking cold – AMAZING! Took a 14 day all inclusive to the Royalton in Punta Cana – WOW!! And then packed up our house and traveled to Panama City Beach for 2 months.  Its’ been a trip!! An adventure!! I have loved every moment of it!!

This brings us to now…present day.  Figuring out the remote lifestyle one day at a time.  I look forward in sharing all the pain and happiness that this journey will take me and us.  I also look forward in sharing other people’s stories of their remote, nomadic lifestyle.