Remote Year: Month 2

It’s been awhile since I had a moment to get to posting a blog.  I am hoping that this isn’t a pattern for me.  The moment we got back home we renovated two rooms in our house (just because), traveled to see family and friends, and the program that we are a part of just took off on us which was great! We are in the process of meeting all 30 students to see how we can help them in their next chapter of their careers.

But I wanted to make sure that we keep our eye on Amanda as she just finished month 2 of her Remote Year life to see what she has been up to, what she is learning, and of course where she is and her adventures.

For the month of March, Amanda left Malaysia and flew off to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She let me in on how an entire group of 75 make that journey and other aspects of her journey as a remote worker.

Again, I am not an affiliate of Remote Year nor do I sell anything for them.  This blog is solely for the purpose of bring remote work to life through Amanda’s journey.

TRL: How you prepared to leave your first location and got to your second location.

Amanda: Preparing to leave Malaysia for Vietnam is similar to watching an Olympic team travel together as half of us were sporting our Remote Year t-shirts. Overall, the RY team had the travel day all planned out and organized for us to make it as smooth as possible.

Our day started at 10:00AM in the lobby:

  • Line up single file to collect your boarding pass
  • Return hotel key card
  • Return work-space key card
  • Get into one of the buses (each held 6 passengers)
  • Arrive at Airport, walk in like a herd and take over the baggage drop off counters lol
  • Wait at Gate – or in some cases premium lounge
  • Share some laughs
  • Board flight and nap for an hour (hehe)
  • Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Wait outside of Arrivals for everyone to make it through
  • Share some laughs
  • Get into one of the busses
  • Receive your new SIM card on the bus and hotel information kit
  • Share some laughs
  • Check into hotel and “negotiate” with your roommates on who gets the big room haha
  • Then go find the closest place for dinner and relax

TRL: How has work been going (Fibernetics) and how have you been structuring your day being remote and on a different time zone.

Amanda: I have a good little routine going on for being on the opposite time zone. I usually start the day off by checking messages right when I wake up, because I might still be able to catch people online in EST zone. It also allows me to scan for any higher priority items to handle first which helps me to decide where I am going to work from that day, whether it is from the apartment/hotel, the work-space, or another comfortable location.

Most days I stay on the SE Asia business hours routine, and this is because I will do my best to schedule any EST phone calls into one evening in the week. I can’t say I work a true night shift, but I will work more of an afternoon shift on that day, or a split shift. And as always, since technology allows for it and remote work continues to be the way of the future, I have my smartphone glued to me at all times.

TRL: What fun things have you been doing since we’ve last spoken?

Amanda: Some fun things we have done are had a farewell party in KL, arrived in HCMC. Since being in HCMC I have made a trip to Vung Tau where we climbed the 800+ stairs to see the Jesus statue and then inside the statue up some more stairs to stand on His shoulder. We ate lunch at a fish market restaurant on a floating dock.

Amanda_Vietnam_Jesus stairs

I have been staying alive darting in and out of the traffic of scooters, riding on UberMotos, checked out the Benh Thanh market, and had a custom dress made for me.

Amanda_Vietnam_Custom made dress

I decided not to do too many side excursions because I am taking 2 weeks to visit Australia.

So as I type this, I am on a layover waiting to board my plan into Gold Cost. This is going to be so much fun! I sent the flight itinerary to our Remote Year friend who is already there (he’s from GC) and he sends a message saying he will pick us up at the airport; we’ll drive to Brisbane, boat over to Morton Island and stay there for the first 2 nights.

My friend and I will make our way to Melbourne and Sydney too, and then meet up with the rest of the remotes in Cambodia.

TRL: What are you learning as a remote worker vs. a 9-5 worker that you didn’t expect?

Amanda: I am learning that I need less as a remote worker, which tells me I really didn’t need those things to begin with. I barley use any stationary supplies, I am able to do my work from a laptop or smartphone, I don’t need a second monitor, fancy keyboard or mouse.

As long as I have a good Internet connection I can work. Another thing I am learning is that quantity of hours doesn’t necessarily = productivity. There are many people who put in time at a physical office because they are required to fulfill a certain number of hours in a day, but they aren’t working the whole time. If you can remove yourself from positive and negative distractions you suddenly work faster, more efficiently, and smarter.

I am living vicariously through her right now! You to can follow Amanda’s adventures at and on her Instagram @adaniellelittle.

If you have any questions for Amanda that you would like me to ask her please let me know and thank you for reading!

Make sure to follow me on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and of course here at The Remote Life blog.

Cheers xo


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